Welcome to the Floating Vagabond, a bar located on a floating asteroid in the middle of space. It may seem like an unlikely place to end up, but due to a device installed in the doorway of the Vagabond it’s a much more likely place to end up than one would think. In the world of the Floating Vagabond, space is definitely not the final frontier. Here time means nothing, the most important things in life are having a good time, and if you die here you’ll most likely be too drunk to understand what happened.

Life of course isn’t all that easy in the world of the Floating Vagabond. There’s plenty of danger, from space nazis and evil bar owners to corrupt mega-corporations and crazed swamp beasties. But this world has something that people need, excitement, and a way to forget how mundane their lives really are. So strap in, cuz’ it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Between an asteroid and a hard place